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3 Rules for Organizing Your Fundraiser

Posted by WFC Team on Feb 12, 2020 4:16:52 PM



Fundraising is essential for many organizations regardless of their size. While large schools and groups often need to raise thousands of dollars, smaller groups and individuals within your community might only need a few hundred dollars to reach their goal. We know how hard it is to get excited about fundraising, but there are definite steps you can take to ensure that it runs smoothly so that your organization achieves its financial goal.

Know Your Plan

Before your fundraiser starts, make sure you are organized. Like every good fundraising organizer, you will need to ensure you have a plan of action to meet your goals. Make sure you have let your team know about any meetings throughout the duration of the fundraiser. Set clear goals for your team and a strategy to execute. Everyone involved should know how much you are looking to raise and who you are asking for support. Also, make it clear that there are deadlines for your fundraiser and who to contact if there are questions.

Focus on Communication

A vital aspect of setting your plan into action is communication. Make sure all of the lines of communication are set in advance and clearly explained to everyone involved. If questions come up, or you need to troubleshoot problems at any time, ensure someone is available to assist. Keep in contact with people through email or mass texts, reaching them quickly. Ideally, this communication will resolve issues before they start and help create a successful fundraiser.

Document Everything

Throughout the process of your fundraiser, make sure you are keeping track of everything. Write out your goals and your team structure. As you announce your lines of communication, make sure you also keep track of them and have them placed in an easily accessible location for everyone involved. Documentation of your fundraiser and its processes should allow your team to resolve issues quickly if you are not around. Documentation should also help you make sure your goals are being met in a timely manner, and it should allow you to keep track of issues you can plan for whenever you need to run a fundraiser in the future. To make things easier for everyone, you may want to use a file sharing software to keep all your documentation in so everyone can see all the important details of the fundraiser and collaborate together.

Fundraising is essential for many organizations. While some see it as a burden, there are steps you can take to ensure your fundraiser runs smoothly. By following this advice, you can also make sure you are planning for future fundraisers and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

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