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Spread the word via social media! We've written some sample posts to get you started. Be sure you include your personalized promo code in your post so that you get credit for any orders placed using your code.



Example Post 1:

I’m joining World’s Finest Chocolate in the 10,000,000 bar challenge to thank our Healthcare Heroes and front line workers. For every one box of chocolate sold, one box will be donated to a local healthcare facility, military location, or emergency responder station to brighten the day of our amazing healthcare frontline workers. I hope you can join me too! Use promo code [insert code] at www.WFCHealthcareHeroes.com when you check out so they know I sent you! 

#ChocolateforHealthcareHeroes #10millionbarchallenge #WorldsFinestChocolate

Example Post 2:

I just joined the #10millionbarchallenge because I really admire the amazing work our front line healthcare workers are doing! Please buy chocolate to enjoy with your family so World’s Finest Chocolate will donate chocolate to our local hospitals, military workers, and first responders and bring a smile to the staff during this tough time. Please go to www.WFCHealthcareHeroes.com and buy chocolate using promo code [insert code] so they know I sent you.

#chocolateforhealthcareheroes #worldsfinestchocolate

Example Post 3:

#StayatHome and make a HUGE difference! Buy a box of World’s Finest Chocolate for your family to enjoy while you’re staying home together, and a box will be donated to a local hospital or emergency responder station to brighten the day of our inspiring Healthcare Heroes. It’s a win-win! Use promo code [insert code] at checkout. www.WFCHealthcareHeroes.com

#10millionbarchallenge #worldsfinestchocolate #ChocolateforHealthcareHeroes

Example Post 4: 

I’m proud to support World’s Finest Chocolate in the #10millionbarchallenge to provide chocolate for healthcare heroes! Buy a box of chocolate for your family, and a box will be donated to our front line workers. There’s no sweeter way to say thank you to amazing doctors, nurses, emergency responder, and military staff than a chocolate bar on a tough day! Please join me in this effort. Buy chocolate now at www.WFCHealthcareHeroes.com and use promo code [insert code] at checkout.

#strongertogether #10millionbarchallenge #ChocolateforHealthcareHeroes #WorldsFinestChocolate

Example Post 5:

I’ve worked with World’s Finest Chocolate for [X] years, and as a company, we’re all about helping others! We’ve recently launched a #10millionbarchallenge as a way to thank our phenomenal frontline healthcare workers. For every box of chocolate sold in this challenge, World’s Finest Chocolate will donate a box to a local healthcare facility. It’s a sweet gesture that should bring a smile to a staff member during a challenging time.

Please join me in this challenge by buying chocolate at www.WFCHealthcareHeroes.com and using promo code [insert code] at checkout. Both you and a local hospital staff can enjoy the chocolate we all know and love. Thanks for your support!

#ChocolateforHealthcareHeroes #10millionbarchallenge #WorldsFinestChocolate

Example Post 6:

Staying at home is SO MUCH easier when you’re fully stocked with chocolate! The chocolate you know from school fundraising is now available to ship directly to your house! Best of all, when you buy a box, one will be donated to a local healthcare facility or emergency responder station as part of the #ChocolateforHealthcareHeroes campaign. Go to www.WFCHealthcareHeroes.com and use promo code [insert code] at checkout.

#WorldsFinestChocolate #wefundcommunities #stayathome

Example Email 1:

Dear Friends and Family,

I’ve joined World’s Finest Chocolate’s Chocolate for Healthcare Heroes program, with their goal of donating 10 MILLION CHOCOLATE BARS to frontline responders during this difficult time.

They’ve started by donating 1,000,000 to hospitals, healthcare workers and first responders. And, they plan to donate 9,000,000 more chocolate bars.

Please join me in this effort! When you buy a box of chocolate, WFC will ship directly to you so you can enjoy it at home safely with your family. And, for every box you buy, WFC will donate a box to our frontline heroes. That’s 60 chocolate bars in each box sold – and a chance to offer some sweet relief for those healthcare heroes working under stressful conditions.

Learn more here: www.WFCHealthcareHeroes.com and use my promo code [insert code] at checkout for free shipping.

Thanks for your support – stay safe and be well,

[Your Name] 

Example Email 2:

Hey [Insert Name Here],

I hope this email finds you healthy and happy! World's Finest has decided to donate 10 MILLION chocolate bars across the US to Healthcare and Front Line workers. The first 1 MILLION is happening right now. As a matter of fact, I am delivering thousands of chocolate bars to hospital and health care facilities this week and next week.   

The next 9 MILLION will be donated like this: for every box of chocolate sold, WFC will donate a box to our heroes! 


I am hoping you can help me make this happen in any of the following ways:


1)  Buy a box of chocolates online to be sent to you and a second box will be donated. 

  • Your box will be delivered via FedEx safely to your home and with shipping included in the price. Order here Chocolate for Healthcare Heroes
  • BE SURE TO ADD PROMO CODE:  [INSERT CODE] (this will keep our donations local and ensure free shipping)
  • There is an option for a double donation if you don't want the chocolate to show up to your door (but c’mon…who doesn’t need some chocolate right about now?!)

2)  Help me by sharing this message! Please feel free to forward this email and post on whatever social media platform you use ...that would make a HUGE difference.

My personal goal is to help donate [INSERT NUMBER HERE] boxes. Can you help me reach that goal today?

Let's Spread Some Love,

[Your Name] 




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