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4 Band Fundraiser Ideas (that Band Directors Actually Have Time For)

Image: guy playing a trombone while the band director researches band fundraiser ideas

We believe that every band student deserves to be equipped with the proper resources needed for success. Unfortunately, many school music education programs are underfunded. Band programs have costly expenses like uniforms, equipment, and trips...and need to spend their time practicing, not doing band fundraisers!

These ideas for band fundraising are able to be driven by band boosters, and they don’t require a lot of extra time from directors.

For the Busy Band Director: 4 Easy Band Fundraiser Ideas!

1. Band Hall “Garage” Sale

Families can get rid of clutter piling up in the garage or basement by bringing it to the band hall on a Saturday morning for a giant "garage" sale to raise money for the band.

2. Band T-shirts

Custom shirts can be sold at concerts, booster meetings, and football games. Custom shirts can be designed by band members and ordered from t-shirt makers. CustomInk is a popular option for making cheap, custom t-shirts.

3. Jazz Combo Concerts

This is an opportunity to invite supporters to enjoy your talents while raising money. If your school doesn’t have a jazz program, you can arrange a small pep band and play fun stand tunes for community events. Local festivals, markets, and churches are easy places to get a gig.

4. Bake Sales

Band booster moms love how easy it is to bake desserts as a contribution. Ask them to donate goodies and sell them at a table before and after performances. A bake sale is a low maintenance option for band directors.

Our First Success Story: Zion-Benton High School Band

In 1949, Zion-Benton High School Band was the very first organization to team up with World’s Finest Chocolate to raise money for a trip to attend a marching competition. Throughout the years, the Zion-Benton band has sold our chocolate to help fund their musical needs. Check out more of their story here.

World’s Finest® Chocolate: Band Fundraiser Success Since 1949! That's When Product Fundraising Was Started!

School bands across the country have found abundant success with World’s Finest Chocolate...because the profit margin can be as high as 50%, and because the company offers credit to public and parochial schools.

Of all the cool fundraising ideas available to you, World’s Finest Chocolate offers ease, speed, and high profit margins. With $1 and $2 chocolate bar options, our product is affordable for everyone. After you receive your premium chocolate bars, the fundraiser can be completed in as fast as two weeks.

To learn more about how to be sure your band fundraising goes along without a sour note, watch this video on how to run a successful fundraiser. Or, reach out to your local representative to ask questions about how to start a successful band fundraiser with World’s Finest Chocolate. We look forward to helping you!

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