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Boy Scout Fundraiser Ideas - More Affordable than Popcorn!

Pictures of proud scouts after a successful boy scout fundraiser

Boy Scout fundraisers offer troops opportunities to raise funds for uniforms, camping equipment, and everything else they need to participate in projects and trips.

Popcorn fundraisers are popular in Scouting, but they offer a thin profit margin. Not only do these creative fundraising ideas offer higher profit margins, but they also cost less up front to start.

4 Boy Scout fundraising ideas

Our fundraising platform can be used together with other grassroots fundraising efforts. When you work with World’s Finest® Chocolate, you can use these fundraising ideas to give the troop an extra boost.

Making Christmas Wreaths

Scouts can make personalized wreaths for friends and family. Although people welcome the holiday cheer associated with wreaths, they are bulky and seasonal.

Troop Dinners

Food events are popular fundraisers that allow families to gather and have fun while supporting Scouting. A pancake breakfast or a fish fry can help you earn money. A local church or business sponsor can help host the meal. But food events are a lot of work and they rely on your supporters to participate on the day of the event.

Flower Bulbs

Flower bulbs can be sold during more than one season, and your supporters can look forward to beautiful flowers in their gardens. But flower bulbs require some maintenance and may not be of interest to everybody.

World’s Finest® Chocolate

World’s Finest® Chocolate offers both $1 and $2 chocolate bars to support your Boy Scout fundraising ideas, and free personalization for your troop. With up to double the profit margin of the typical popcorn fundraiser, Boy Scouts find greater success selling our delicious chocolate bars. The price point for your supporters is much more reasonable, too. With one and two dollar chocolate bars, it’s hard to turn those Scouts down.

"With 40 to 50% profit margins, your Scouts earn more for their hard work.
That’s double what you’d get from the typical popcorn fundraiser."

Rules and regulations for Boy Scout fundraisers

You’re required to follow certain rules for your Boy Scout fundraiser:

1. File a unit money-earning project application for approval by both the local council and the chartering organization. Submit this application to your council service center at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date of your project.

2. Check local laws regarding solicitation rules and permits.

3. Select money-earning projects that are suited to the ages and abilities of youth participants.

4. Your fundraiser should teach scouts to earn by merit of their own hard work (and not relying heavily on parents).

5. Always follow safe practices listed in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

World’s Finest Chocolate: lower upfront costs and 2X profit margins!

We’ve helped raise over four billion dollars for organizations across America, to support and build communities. One of the keys to successful fundraising is selecting a product that has the right price point. Our variety of premium chocolate bars presents Scoutmasters with lower upfront costs. With 40 to 50% profit margins, your Scouts earn more from their sales, and with $1 and $2 price points, there’s very little resistance to making a purchase.


Have questions? Download our our free fundraising guide or get in touch with a local representative to get started!


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