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Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas: Profitable, Fast, and Easy

Photo: High school girls starting cheerleader fundraiser, looking for other cheerleading fundraiser ideas

A good fundraiser for cheerleading and dance teams can mean the difference between competing in a tournament and having to stay home. Uniforms, parties, and camps really add up.

The best cheerleader fundraisers have three qualities: they’re profitable, fast, and easy. We’ve seen cheer teams have a lot of success by supplementing different ideas alongside our premium chocolate products.

Here are some of the best ideas in each category

Easy, Profitable Cheerleader Fundraising

Many of our happy customers choose to supplement their chocolate fundraising with other youth fundraising ideas, too. There are pros and cons to each, but overall, they can be effective.

Football + Cheer Fashion Show

You can host a fashion show in the school gymnasium. Sell tickets for students to get in. The cheer team can bring in clothes for the football players to wear - the more ridiculous they look, the better. Cheer teams have found a lot of success with fashion shows as fundraisers. Although a fashion show is profitable, it requires some setup and planning.

Cheer and Dance Clinic

Younger kids in your community that look up to the team would love the opportunity to learn. Sell tickets to them to learn from your team. Set your ticket prices reasonably, but also know that parents may be willing to pay a decent amount to have their kids learn from your team.

Have your team come up with an easy routine that the kids could learn and present to their parents at the end of the clinic. You can also sell t-shirts and baked goods at the end of the day. A clinic is a good cheerleading fundraiser because it can be so profitable. But it’s going to take some planning.

Fast Cheerleading Fundraisers

Have a Bake Sale

A bake sale is a quick way to earn a few bucks. Ask the team and their parents to bake cakes, pies, and cookies. A bake sale table can be set up at nearly any cheer event. Although your profit margins are 100%, a bake sale is a one-time event and you can’t expect for people to pay very much for a slice of cake.

Sell T-Shirts

Every cheer team has a slogan or an inside joke. Let the team design a funny t-shirt and sell them at school events. Selling t-shirts is fast, but the logistics involved with designing and ordering may be an inconvenience...talk to your supplier about the right mix of sizes. XXL or XXXL shirts can become a girl's favorite sleep shirt!

Easy Cheer Team Fundraisers 

Spare Change Jar

For one month, you can ask every third period classroom to donate spare change on a daily basis. Teachers can collect the change in a jar. This one is usually a hit or miss fundraiser for cheerleading. But if a high school has 1,500 students, and each one gave three pennies to the jar every day for a month, the team would raise $1,350. Not bad for spare change!

Powder-puff Football Game

In a powder-puff football game, cheerleaders hit the gridiron while football players cheer them on. Organizing a powder-puff game is usually run 100% by students, so it requires little to no effort from the cheer team staff.

A World’s Finest® Chocolate Fundraiser: a Combination of Profitable, Fast and Easy!

Fundraising with World’s Finest Chocolate is proven to be the perfect balance of profit, speed, and ease. As a cheerleading fundraiser, our products excel in each category:

  1. Profitable: earn up to a 50% profit margin while selling premium chocolate products!
  2. Fast: chocolate ships in just three to five days. Get started fast.
  3. Easy: with your very own local representative provided free of charge, your fundraiser is made easy.

Pick up your free fundraising guide to learn more about all the benefits of selling our delicious chocolate bars, and try out our fundraising calculator. Or, get in touch with your local representative today to begin a big fundraising success!

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