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Does Product Fundraising Actually Work? 3 Steps to Big Success

Image: pile of dollars growing quickly from kid-friendly product fundraising

We’ve all been approached by a group of kids wanting donations. While some fundraisers offer some popular products that we can get excited about, many of them aren’t very interesting.

But product fundraising does work when it’s well-planned. How do you manage to raise thousands of dollars from a product fundraiser? It comes down to making smart decisions in three steps: 

  • Which product you’re selling
  • Costs and profit
  • Direct marketing

#1. Choose the Best Product Fundraiser

Product Quality

If you’re starting off with a weak product, your marketing efforts won’t do much good. While your family may support your fundraising efforts, door-to-door selling will be tough.

Instant Reward for Donors

There are definitely high-quality fundraising products that use order forms, but they’re very difficult to sell to strangers. When you’re able to give them the product they’re paying for immediately, it’s an easier sell.

Ease and Simplicity

How quickly can you receive your order? Do you get any help from the fundraising company? Make sure that you have the bandwidth in your schedule to take on the fundraiser.

#2. Costs and Profit

Upfront Costs

How much does the fundraising company require you to spend upfront? Does upfront spend affect your profit margins? There are product fundraising companies which extend credit to schools and non-profit organizations. 

Product Price

Your product needs to be accessible to the market you’re selling to. If donors can buy the same product for a lower price elsewhere, it weakens your pitch. The fundraising product itself needs to present at least some real value on its own.

Profit Margins

Some high-quality products offer low profit margins below 20%. Finding the best value between quality and profit margin is essential to your bottom line.

#3. Direct Marketing

Product fundraising can show a lot of success when it’s well-planned. Here are some things to think about when planning your fundraiser:

  •  What kind of people are interested in my product?
    • Age
    • Interests (maybe they shop at certain stores where you could set up a booth)
  • Customization: does your product fundraising company offer customizable labels and graphics?
  • Your pitch: write a simple introduction and know the strengths of your product!

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