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3 Easy Church Youth Group Fundraisers: Fun for Kids of All Ages!

Image: smiling kids getting ready to sell chocolate bars as a church youth group fundraiser

Youth group leaders have many responsibilities, so a fundraiser needs to be easy and worth their time. Church youth group fundraisers help support activities, trips, and community outreach.

Creative, fun fundraisers like selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars allow kids to work together and bond as a team. They’ll also present opportunities to invite others to get involved in the group.

3 Popular Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Text-to-Tithe Campaigns

Congregants can give support with a simple text message. They’ll need to link a card, but once it’s set up, recurring donations couldn’t be any easier. Text-to-tithe (or text-to-give) campaigns allow church members to give small donations over time, and is one of the better youth fundraising ideas if the objective is a mission trip.

Host a Charity Auction

Local businesses are often willing to donate goods and services that allow your congregants to support your fundraiser and take home something they enjoy. Local art venues can also display kids’ artwork and hold a one-night-only auction.

Parents' Party

Give parents a break from the kids by selling tickets to a social meet-up. Older members of your youth group can serve as babysitters to the little ones. An adult youth leader may choose to host a party for the kids at their home while the parents are at the church party.

At the parents party, you can get competitive with a horseshoe or cornhole (bean bag) tournament. You can also have a bake sale or potluck dinner.

Promotion Tips

Spread the word about your youth group fundraiser through the weekly bulletin and with an announcement at the end of each service. Use your church’s social media accounts to reach supporters. Facebook Live can help further your reach.

An Easier Way to Raise Money

World’s Finest® Chocolate requires less time and effort than most other options, and it’s more profitable...up to 50% goes to your youth group. At the church, it’s safe and easy to offer our $1 and $2 chocolate bars at a table before and after services. And as an afternoon or early evening activity for your group, it also reaches community members outside the church. Selling delicious and affordable chocolate promotes bonding and team building among the kids, and with our free customization, it’ll take your message of faith and service into the community.

Get Started with World’s Finest® Chocolate!

Since 1949, we’ve helped raise over $4 billion for organizations across the country. We provide one of our local fundraising experts to help you from beginning to end. Youth group fundraising is made easy with World’s Finest® Chocolate, which is why it’s one of the most popular fundraisers for churches and schools.

Pick up your free fundraising guide here. Or, reach out to your local representative to ask questions about how to start your youth group fundraiser with World’s Finest® Chocolate. We look forward to helping you!

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