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Five Easy School Fundraiser Ideas - Start Quickly On A Tight Budget

Image: elementary school kids volunteering for an easy school fundraiser idea: selling chocolate bars!

When you’re short on time, you need to choose an easy school fundraiser that’s doable within your timeframe...and if you'll read to the end, we'll tell you about a fundraiser that can be over and done in 2-3 weeks! If you’re on a tight budget, you should keep your fundraisers “in-house." That way, you don’t have to rent out spaces or hire professionals to create expensive custom products.

5 Easy School Fundraiser Ideas

These are some easy school fundraisers that are cost efficient and quick to start. You may need to find some parent volunteers to help out, but everyone is sure to have fun.

Shoe Drive Companies

Shoe drives are a neat way to raise money and make a positive difference in the world. You ask students and their parents if they have any old footwear buried in their closet. When the shoes are collected, you send them off to be weighed. The total weight of your shoes will determine how much money your school raises.

The company then sends your school a check, and ships the shoes to third world countries where they will be resold. The shoes help “micro-enterprises” thrive. It gives people in poverty a better chance at supporting themselves by working, and helps really poor people walk safely, while keeping all those shoes out of landfills.


If you ask all the parents, your PTO or PTA can quickly put together lots of great recipes to share. Have them compile fifty or more of their greatest recipes and make a simple bound book out of them. Make sure to laminate the pages so they don’t get messy when cooking. You can sell your cookbooks at school performances and sporting events.


Create a school calendar featuring pictures of school events and important dates like test dates, holidays, and football games. Sell your calendars with yearbooks as a bonus...it just takes planning ahead, and creating the calendar for NEXT year.

If you have graphic design classes, those students can even help to make the artwork. School calendars are especially popular with moms!

Craft Competitions, like Carved Pumpkins and Gingerbread Houses 

There are all sorts of seasonal crafts that can get competitive. Carved pumpkins and gingerbread houses are a couple of the most popular. Sell tickets to enter crafts into the competition.

Host the competition in your cafeteria and have teachers vote on their favorite crafts. Craft competitions make for easy school fundraisers because everything is kept within the school. Keep materials cheap and easy to find for your competitors.

Karaoke Night

Sell tickets to sing in and to watch a karaoke concert in your school cafeteria or gym. It’s especially fun when teachers sign up to sing. Karaoke nights can be funny and entertaining, especially when principals sing badly. Set up a bake sale so people can snack on cookies while they watch the fun.

World’s Finest® Chocolate: How Quickly Can You Start?

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Get in touch with your local fundraising representative to get started today. Check out our free fundraising guide, too. We look forward to helping your school to a big fundraising success!

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