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Profitable, Fast, Easy and FUN Middle School Fundraising Ideas - Get Started Quickly!

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Middle school fundraisers allow students to raise money for upgrades to technology, books, and field trips. Getting kids involved with fun events is an easy way to get lots of participation and help your students feel vested in their school.

You may find it difficult to motivate middle schoolers to sell products door-to-door, especially if the fundraiser is based on buying things from a catalog (delivery is a second project!). Some students will love interacting with adults and achieving some sales success, but others may not be so interested. These FUN fundraisers can really boost school spirit!

Marley's Great Candy Bar Sale! from Joe Gonzales on Vimeo.

Fun Ideas for Middle School Fundraising 

Wear Fun Clothes to School

Having a special day for students to come to school wearing pajamas or a superhero costume is fun and lets everyone participate. Students can bring donations to school that day, and the fun clothes will remind parents to send their donations for this quick and easy middle school fundraising idea.

Community Walk or Fun Run

A fundraising walk brings the community together and lets supporters meet students and their parents. Business sponsors can donate water and snacks.

Custom Engraved Bricks

Supporters can donate money to have bricks engraved with their names that are used to pave walkways or garden areas.

Host a Cakewalk

Parents can volunteer to donate cakes for a fun event that raises money and lets families take home a delicious goodie! If you’ve never done a cakewalk, here’s an article that will guide you in the specifics.

Student Art Exhibition

Showcase students’ artwork. This can be done anywhere in the community. Supporters bid on the artwork to raise funds for the school.

Combine Events with World's Finest Chocolate!

When you host a fun event where students work a booth selling delicious $1 and $2 chocolate bars, sales can go through the roof. A chocolate booth would be perfect for a cakewalk fundraiser. There is an unlimited number of combinations between fun events and World’s Finest Chocolate.


Middle School Fundraising Success

World’s Finest Chocolate has shown huge success as a fundraiser for middle schools. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with our delicious chocolate bars.

We helped Mesa Middle school go to a science camp in Yosemite by raising $18,000!


Julius Miller, from Reidsville Middle School, raised $5,100 in just two weeks!



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