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Fundraising for Youth Sports Teams: Easy Ideas and How to Start!

Image: Easy fundraiser ideas for youth sports teams, in basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, tennis and baseball

Between coordinating games and practices, coaches for youth sports teams don’t have a lot of time to dedicate toward a fundraiser.

You shouldn’t have to put on an extravagant parade down Main Street to raise some dollars. Here are some tried-and-true youth sports fundraiser ideas that are easy, fun, and profitable.

Ideas for Successful Youth Sports Fundraising

Many of our happy customers choose to supplement their chocolate fundraising with other youth fundraising ideas, too. There are pros and cons to each, but overall, they can be effective.

Local Restaurant “Night Out”

Your local pizza joint or burger shack will probably be happy to sponsor a one-night promotion for your team. They’d agree to donating a percentage of profits to your team while getting influx of business. You can find a current list of franchises that support fundraising for youth sports teams and their profit margins here.

The advantage to a night out is that it’s a one-night-only effort. However, that’s also a disadvantage. What if you can’t wrangle enough people to show up? The profit margin may be lower than you’d like, too.

Hire a Photographer

You can hire a local photographer to come out to a game and take pictures from the sidelines. He or she will hand out business cards to parents, asking for the purchase of the pictures. You can take a cut of their profits for the team. Photography can only go so far, though. Eventually, parents will get their fill of photos.

A High School Training Clinic

Contact your high school’s team and have them host a training clinic. Your kids will pay to attend and participate. Your team will look up to the older players and the parents will see a lot of value in it. Your percentage of the profit could be good, but it may not raise a whole lot. After registration, jerseys, and equipment, sometimes parents aren’t willing to spend much more.

How to Choose the Best Fundraising Idea:

There are four main questions when you’re trying to decide where to spend your youth sports fundraising efforts:

Is the product affordable?

Cookie dough and popcorn can cost upwards of $15, and some teams do find success with pricey fundraisers. With our $1 and $2 dollar price points, we’re accessible to everyone.

Is the profit margin good enough?

If you manage to sell $1,000 worth of product but only get to keep $250, was it really worth the effort? We offer a margin between 40 and 50% for you to keep!

How much effort do I have to put into this?

Hosting a car wash, bake sale, or restaurant night out takes planning that you may not have time for. When your team goes in pairs door to door in their neighborhoods, it’s an easy sale...low price point, delicious product!

We set you up with your very own local representativeThey’ll give you hands-on attention for your youth sports team fundraiser, beginning to end.

Will the kids be interested in participating?

If they can resist eating our premium (that they’re supposed to be selling!) - yes! Kids on youth sports teams have a blast selling affordable chocolate bars to neighbors, friends, and family.

Get Started with World’s Finest® Chocolate!

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Have more questions about how we work? Grab our free guide. Or, get in touch with your local rep at any time - they’re happy to help!

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