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Simple Fundraising Ideas - Easy from Start to Finish, Even for Younger Kids

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Sometimes, the toughest part of raising money is getting kids to participate. You don’t want to get stuck with a fundraiser that the kids don’t care about, because turning a profit will fall completely on your shoulders. Nobody likes standing on a soapbox week after week, asking kids to raise more money with a boring fundraiser.

These are some simple fundraising ideas that even younger kids have fun with. Fundraising safety with adult guidance is always a must, but the bulk of the effort should be left to the kids. After all, they’re the ones that will benefit most from the fundraiser!

Simple Fundraising Ideas - Kids Take the Lead

Art Show

An art show is an easy fundraising idea that you can start and finish in your school building. Ask students if they would like to participate in an art show for a small fee (like $5). Students can paint, draw, and craft artwork to sell at an auction.

The art show auction can be held in your school’s cafeteria. Families and community members can come to the auction and bid on the pieces 

For younger kids, you may want to provide a little guidance for the content of their artwork. Portraits of celebrities, superheroes, and landscapes are all fun ideas.

An art show is a simple fundraising idea because there is very little upfront cost, kids have fun making the artwork, and you don’t have to rent a space to have the auction.

Prank the Principal

As long as your principal is up for an interesting day at work, this one’s easy for everyone since there’s no real work involved.

Let the kids come up with some ideas on how to prank the principal. Make milestone pranks for each fundraising goal that the school reaches. Here are some prank ideas -

  1. The principal has to shave his hair, beard, or eyebrows...a woman principal might have to dye her hair an outrageous color (with washable dye), or wear a clown wig for a week
  2. The principal has to wear a huge inflatable suit for a week
  3. The principal gets duct-taped to a wall
  4. The principal has to kiss a pig or a frog while wearing a tiara
  5. The principal has to wear his or her most hated sports team jersey for a week

"Olympic" Games

Creating your own "Olympic" games is a fun and simple fundraising idea that can work for schools, offices, and extracurricular organizations.

Each event can be scored individually, so there can be multiple winners. It may be a good idea to diversify the games so all students can enjoy participating, whether they’re athletically inclined or not.

Charge each participant an entry fee to participate in your challenges. This can be a single fee to participate in all events, or several small fees to participate in each event. You can also sell snacks at a snack stand during the "Olympic" games.

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