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Proven Fundraising Success For Schools, Teams, & Clubs

Looking for fundraising ideas? Our fast start fundraiser program means you can start making up to 50% profit on every sale from day one. No orders to take, no deliveries to make!


Why WFC is
Fundraising’s BFF.

Why People Like You
Really Like Us.

The Proven Way to
Raise the Most Money.

65 Years of Sweet Success.

In our just over 65 years (as a family business), WFC has helped schools and communities raise over $4 billion. That’s “b,” as in “billions” — as in no other organization comes close to delivering for you like us. That’s why schools and organizations partner with WFC year after year. Families love the simplicity. Organizations love the results.

And everybody loves the chocolate.

50% Profit for Your Organization.

Why do WFC fundraisers have such high participation rates? For starters, half the proceeds go to the school or organization. Then there’s our enthusiastic fan base: people who know WFC and look forward to purchasing their favorite treats at every opportunity. And third, at $1 and $2 price points, our chocolate is an amazing value

So, it practically sells itself.

Easy to Sell. Fun to Consume.

Best of all, WFC fundraisers require less effort than other fundraisers. As a result, participation rates are higher, which means fundraising efforts are more successful. Plus, expert reps are with you every step of the way to provide hands-on training and support to make each fundraiser as successful as it can be and keep the entire process fun.

Plus, You Get to Eat Great Chocolate.

Start with an exceptional product at an unbeatable price. Toss in a collection of expert reps and a track record for delivering. And then top it all off with customers who love what you’re selling. The result is the fastest route to your fundraising goals: World’s Finest Chocolate.

Start to finish, the entire process takes around 14 days. No catalogs to mess with. No individual orders to fulfill. No surprise that the money goes out to your school or organization almost as fast as it comes in.