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60 Short Seconds
And 3 Big Reasons Why


And that’s just the tip of the chocolate bar.

From expert specialists who are there to help you every step of the way to the 50% profit you make on each sale, World’s Finest Chocolate is the world’s best fundraising partner.

What Makes WFC the
Fastest Fundraiser?

Find Out How Much
You Can Raise

The Shortest Distance Between
You and Your Funds.

The Secret to a Successful Fundraiser?

Two words: simplicity and participation. And World’s Finest Chocolate delivers on both. Since our chocolate is simple, delicious and well-known, parents are happy to get involved. And when parents participate, everyone wins.

Easy to See What Makes it Easier.

With $1 and $2 price points, our chocolate is easy to sell. People who know WFC look forward to buying a few bars and boxes every chance they get. People are delighted with the quality and value.

And with every sale, your fundraising effort keeps 50%. (For those of you not into math, that’s half!)

Easy Means Easy on Parents Too.

When kids look forward to being part of the fundraising effort, parents don’t have to nag and cajole. And with no catalogs and fulfillment issues to complicate things, the fundraising effort is as easy as 1, 2, who needs 3? One, you get the chocolate. Two, you sell the chocolate — to family and friends who are going to love it!

Help! I Need Somebody!

Should you need help or support, you’re not alone. Our expert fundraising specialists are there to answer questions, motivate kids, and keep it all fun. All with the focus on helping you meet your fundraising goal as quickly as possible.