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Planning a Youth Trip to Disney? Here's Some $$$ Fundraising Ideas to Get You There

Posted by WFC Team on Jul 29, 2019 10:51:58 AM

Disney World is known as the happiest, greatest, most magical place on Earth, however, it comes at a price. At World's Finest Chocolate, we know how important fundraising can be when planning your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort. Field trips are one of the best ways to build camaraderie within a group, create lifelong memories, and learn to view the world from a different perspective. Here are some unique fundraising ideas for how you can raise money for Disney:

Mickey Mouse

Sell Chocolate

Chocolate is everybody’s favorite sweet treat. That makes selling chocolate a good way to generate funds for the trip. The key is in timing. Selling chocolate in the middle of the summer might not be the best time of the year. However, if you can set up the fundraising drive before Christmas or Valentine’s Day, then you can increase your chances of selling out your inventory. Before Easter is also a popular chocolate buying time of the year. It will also help to remind customers that the sales are supporting the youth trip. People are always happy to indulge when it is for a good cause.

Put On a Talent Show

A talent show is another good way to fundraise. You can generate funds through ticket sales, local business advertising in programs and selling snacks in the lobby. As for the show itself, there is sure to be plenty of talent to be found in the group who is heading to Disney. In addition to the genuine skills of singing, dancing and playing an instrument, you can also have acts that involve lip-syncing or karaoke. You can award prizes based on audience response or declare everyone a winner since they'll all be there for the same cause. Just be sure to video the show, too. You can also sell those. Side note: chocolate also makes for a great concession stand product.

Host a Running Event

A running event can generate funds for the trip by getting the runners to sign up “sponsors” for the run. Each sponsor will pledge a certain amount per mile. Those sponsors can be family members or businesses. When the students who are running demonstrate the efforts they are willing to go through for their trip, then the sponsors will always be forthcoming. Besides water, chocolate can also help refuel and give runners an extra boost of energy.

When planning a trip to Disney, it’s important to know your numbers. This includes a thorough calculation of travel, activities, meals, and lodging. Once you have a final estimate, set your fundraising goal, and use the ideas above to help you get there. 


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