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Unleashing the Power of Prize Programs

Posted by WFC Team on Jul 31, 2017 3:42:38 PM

When it comes to school fundraising programs, participation is key – but sometimes it can be difficult to create excitement and keep motivation high. One of the best ways to motivate students and volunteers is by creating an awesome prize program. Whether you’re on the fence about prize programs or you feel like giving your current prize program a boost, this is the post for you.

Why Should I Use Prize Programs?

Fundraising campaigns with prize programs raise more money than those without. In fact, fundraising profits can double or even triple by implementing a great prize structure. While it may seem counter-intuitive, investing in a quality prize program will increase overall participation and extend motivation, allowing your organization to raise more money than ever before. Your local fundraising specialist is an excellent resource for creating the perfect prize program, but here are the basics:

How Can I Take My Prize Program to the Next Level?

Reward Everyone

No matter what age, people respond positively when recognized for their hard work – especially in fundraising. While most prize programs focus on rewarding individuals, adding classroom or school-wide prizes can improve participation because it allows individuals to work together and reap the benefits as a team. This can include extra time at recess or a movie day. Teachers can also be rewarded when their class has 100% participation.

Reward Periodically

Instead of waiting until the end of the fundraiser to distribute prizes, adding in smaller daily prizes can also boost participation. By distributing smaller prizes while the fundraising campaign is still happening, students will have more incentive to participate and work harder for daily rewards. Supplementing the main prize program with low-costs events and special privileges can take profits to new levels.

Get Staff & Administrators Involved

Having the support and participation of the school’s administration can make or break a prize program. Not only will they have ideas about what prizes would be best for the students, they also have the power to create excitement for the fundraiser. You can tie a lot of free prizes to the faculty and staff, with their permission of course. The chance to throw a pie at a teacher or be principal for a day can be a huge incentive for students.

Reward for Free

In order to offset costs of a prize program, seek donations from restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses within the community. It’s a win-win situation that will promote local businesses while providing free prizes for your organization. Another way to keep costs low is to spend time rather than money. For example, offer the top-selling class the opportunity to have lunch outside one day rather than spending money on a pizza party. Rewarding with recognition is another super easy and cost-free way to motivate people. Recognizing students on social media or acknowledging students on intercom announcements can make participants feel like VIPs.

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